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Fellow technicians. I provided this information as a service to all of you. It took a lot of my time.

Search tips: Do not use dashes, except for Penney's and GE. Use the period for Sears.

ex: 9-7515, 686-6182, 562.40291500 should get you to the model number.

After a search is returned, you may see more than one page returned.

Some RCA's are similar to GE's and so forth. When you get to each page, on your browser, click 'edit' then 'find' and type the model #.

Each time you click find next, the next place that model # is found will be highlighted. This will help when that model is close to another of the same make.

If I recorded a model # under a different make both sites should be returned. i.e. If a GE is the same as a RCA model. This search button is working now for those who had problems in the past.

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Check back often or email me with your symptoms. (Include model and be descriptive)Only requests from qualified repair centers will be replied to. If you are a service center and do not include a signature file to include your name, company name, location and phone number, your request will be deleted. If you are a consumer, your request will be deleted. WE DO NOT manufacture any type of consumer products, we strictly do repairs.

***Special note to consumers: These tips are for qualified technicians ONLY. Any attempts, at these repairs, could lead to serious injury. If you attempt the repair and you have no training, it will be difficult to find a shop that would repair the unit to working order.

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Repair tips

Action Akai Allegro Citizen Crosley Curtis-Mathes



Fisher Funai General-Electric
Go Video Goldstar Grundig Hitachi JVC
Magnavox Mitsubishi NEC Nikko  
Optimus Orion Panasonic Penney's, JC Proscan
Quasar RCA Realistic RGE Tech Samsung
Sansui Sanyo Scott Sears Sharp
Sony Sylvania Symphonic Teknika  
Thompson Toshiba Wards Zenith  
Contacts for manufacturers & parts
Manufacturer Phone #'s Web site Specialty
ACER Aspire tech support 1-877-610-2237
Acer America Service and Support
Send mail
Acer products and technical support
Akai 310-664-8060 (service)
AKAI home page
All electronics 1-800-225-9792    
American Action Inc. 1-800-982-3389

100 Exchange Place
Pomona CA 91768
  Action parts and service manuals
American TV 909-594-1196 (CA)
Attn Mark or Alicia
  Mitsubishi parts
AMI 800-522-1264 AMI Welcome Microwave  Replacements  Parts For DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL PARTS FOR MORE THAN 40 BRANDS
Andrews Electronics 1-800-289-0300 fax~1-800-289-0301    
Antique Electronic Supply 6221 S Maple Ave
Tempe AZ 85283
Tubes and More;Vacuum tubes:antique radio restoration, VACCUUM TUBES, antique electronic supply, Svetlana, electron tubes, NOS tubes, Sovtek, VACCUM TUBES, EL34 and 12AX7 Vacuum Tubes, Books, Transformers, Capacitors, Resistors, Parts & More Parts
AON 303-384-1917   Handling warranty for Mont Wards
Asti video heads 1-800-221-1828   Generic video heads
Astrotec 1-800-252-7788    Generic video heads
B&K electronics 1-800-517-8431 www.bkprecision.com With a bold new lineup of high performance test instruments, B+K PRECISION continues its reputation for quality and value.
BarcoView LLC 1-770-218-3200 BarcoView, LLC - Rugged High Resolution Graphics, Video, Radar, Flat Panel Displays and Avionics Displays Designs and manufactures high-performance graphics, video, and radar controller boards, radar scan converters and rugged AMLCD displays. These products are used for air / vessel traffic control, avionics and command and control applications.
Broksonic 1-800-333-9099(x110); 1-800-963-3499    
Cumberland Electronics 1-800-223-3221 Cumberland Electronic's Home Page TV/VCR parts, cables, antennas, components
Daewoo 1-800-323-9668    
Emerson 1-927-884-2350    
Fox international 1-800-321-6993   NLA parts, Orion/Emerson and others.
HBF Electronics 1-800-426-4230-tech help    
Hitachi 1-619-661-1043 Public entry web site  
Mitsubishi 1-800-523-7278

Tech help-non account shops:FAX-1-706-654-4299

Mouser Electronics 1-800-346-6873   Diodes, semi's
National Electronics   www.national-electronics.net Diodes, semi's
Panasonic 1-201-392-4207(Tech.)    
RCA tech line 1-900-555-5111   $2 per minute
Samsung 1-800-344-3882(parts)


Sanyo 1-800-813-3435; 1-800-433-1746 http://sanyoservice.com/  
Sharp 1-800-BESHARP(237-4277) Sharp-USA  
Shine Electronics 1-800-221-0404   Goldstar parts
Suburban Electronics 1-800-341-5353

Fax: 1-800-341-5354

http://www.suburban-elect.com VCR, TV, microwave, components, chemicals, service books.
Sony 1-517-394-5312(2-4p.m.)



Studio Sound Electronics   http://www.studiosoundelectronics.com/ VCR parts, belts, gears, video heads.
TCM-Florida 1-800-940-8087   Tuner rebuild
Tip Top TV/VCR tuners 1-818-345-1974   Tuners rebuilt, $25 incl. shipping.
TNI(Cincinatti) 1-800-344-5545   Power supplies rebuilt from $34.95
Tritronics 1-800-638-3328

Research: 1-410-676-7300

Zenith parts 1-888-393-6484 http://www.zenith.com/index_flash.html  
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